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EnviroKlenz Face Mask

A face mask developed especially for people with MCS. It utilizes the EnviroKlenz patented earth mineral technology which has the ability to chemically dismantle a wide range of undesirable chemical compounds.The fibers of the mask can filter out many common particulates. Reduces exposures to fragrances, VOCs, pollen, dust, dander, odors, and more. It’s light weight, comfortable, reusable, and latex free.  I have one here and the mask itself is odor-free.

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I Can Breathe! Masks

A great selection of face masks developed and made by a woman with an adult onset lung disorder, to take control of her environment. Various masks have different purposes, including an organic cotton comfort mask that reduces exposure to particles like dust and pollen, a silk comfort mask also for particles, and a honeycomb activated carbon filter that reduces exposures to smog, smoke, ozone, diesel exhaust, fragrances, and particles (ideal for travel to strange polluted places…”effective for poor air quality infoors or on airplanes.”). And more! The website gives many reasons why YOU might want to use a face mask to protect your lungs and health.

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Nirvana Safe Haven

Activated carbon felt and fabric for fume and odor control. These work to absorb chemical fumes quietly from places where you cannot take an air filter. Put a felt over a mattress, to block fumes from carpets…the list of odors and applications is very long. Especially good for cars and travel. Also a nontoxic photo-catalytic spray that can remove mothball odors from closets, smoke from walls, perfume odors. and more.

Listen to Debra’s interview with Nirvana Safe Haven Founder Daliya Robson.

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