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American Latex Allergy Association

There are so many products that contain latex and so many alternatives that are already catalogued by the ALAA, that I’m just sending you to their website for this information. Note that their only criteria is that the product be latex-free, so some products recommended may not meet my criteria for being toxic-free.

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“Allergy-free apparel” for men, women, and children. This company specifically provides clothing for people with skin contact allergies to latex and other common allergens. They focus primarily on undergarments and socks, but also have basic pants and tops for loungewear. “All our products are made from natural and chemical free 100% combed cotton material…soft and highly absorbent. Our elasticized garments are made from a newly developed material that is both latex-free and spandex free. Our unique Cottonique fabric is unlike any other. It is pH balanced to conform with the body’s natural acidic level and totally free of dyes, bleach and textile chemicals commonly used in other apparel.”

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Decent Exposures

100% cotton and organic cotton undergarments, comfortable clothing, and more, designed by women for women. Fabrics are prewashed. Bra comes in over 150 sizes, 15 colors, and 3 fabrics with latex-free elastic. Read selections carefully as some items are made from synthetic or blend fabrics. Everything is made to order in their Seattle “non-sweat” shop.

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