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GOTS-certified “organic mattresses,” created by a concerned grandfather who is also an environmental engineer. Also certified by Greenguard to their highest standard, these mattresses feature organic cotton and natural materials, and nontoxic food-grade waterproofing. Meets all fire regulations without use of toxic chemicals. No harmful chemicals or known allergens. Proper firmness, comfort and fit. Made in the USA by a family who cares and understands the issues.

Listen to Debra’s 2013 interview with Naturepedic Founder Barry Cik.

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Shepherd’s Dream

Makes a complete crib set (mattress, bumper pads, etc out of organically grown wool and cotton). Family-owned by an experienced natural mother. This company is about wool–sleeping on it and under it, cuddling with it, and loving the wool and the sheep and the land. Founder Eliana Jantz has been working with wool as long as I’ve been writing about natural products (her daughter now runs the business). Eliana led the development of EcoDomestic Wool, “a collaboration which involves the sheep growers, wool processors, product makers and promoters in gradually developing an infrastructure which ensures environmentally friendly and sustainable practices and fair prices to the woolgrower.” All within a few miles distance, the sheep are pastured, the wool is milled, and the products are sewn by local women in a renovated storefront, all in site of majestic Mt. Shasta in northern California. Be sure to tell them “Debra sent me.”

Listen to Debra’s 2013 interview with Shepherd’s Dream Owner Sarah Sunshine Smith.

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Blessed Nest

A unique nursing pillow filled with buckwheat hulls, which allows you to get your baby into the proper position, and then it conforms to baby’s body and its weight helps it to stay put, instead of simply placing your baby on top of the pillow. “The miracle of buckwheat hulls is that they not only move around like a bean-bag, but they are shaped like little pyramids that interlock together like puzzle pieces so it gives stable support whatever size, shape or position you are in (and where you’re sitting!).” All of theirfabrics are certified organic by GOTS.

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Enchanted Slumber

An all-in-one certified organic sleeper that bundles a warm, whimsically-patterned quilted pad, blanket covering and a lavender-scented buckwheat pillow for roll-and-go carrying. “Children will delight in having a safe, cozy place of their very own that they can easily take with them to school or on trips.” Handcrafted with love in the USA. Custom name labels available.

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Wholesome Linen

line of sleep essentials for infants and toddlers made from organic linen fabrics and raw flax fibers. Selection includes a toddler car seat liner. “Our products are soft, hypo-allergenic, machine washable and long lasting. We make them with100% organic raw flax fibers, without adding any dyes or bleaches. We source our flax from certified organic farms in Europe where it has been grown the same way for generations. We turn it into high quality essential sleep products that we deliver to you from Denver, Colorado.”


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Organic Designs

Organic toddler/preschool nap mats, made by a parent-owned company in New Hampshire. They also make a toddler comforter that doubles as a playmat, and toddler pillows. “We Make Modern, Stylish, Durable yet Super Comfy Organic Children’s Nap Mats from Certified Organic Cotton Fabric and Certified Organic Cotton Batting. Our Organic Nap Mats are Ideal for Toddlers, Daycare, Preschool and Rest Time at Kindergarten. They Can Also Be Used for Vacations and Sleep overs. There are NO Harmful Chemicals or Pesticides in Our Products. We DO NOT use Polyester, Toxic Dyes or Chemical Washes of any kind. Our Organic Nap Mats are Safe, Eco Friendly and Non-Toxic.”

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Vermont Bunkbeds

Sturdy, simple bunk beds, loft beds and beds with drawers beneath, made from local Vermont hardwoods. Finished in your choice of colors with Natura Zero-VOC paint or Old-Fashioned Milk Paint with Vermont Natural Coatings finish. “In shopping for bunk beds for their own children, Scott & Amy realized the need for a safer product that would hold up to the every day demands of their active boys and yet still be affordable for the everyday family. So Scott and Amy began dreaming of devoting their skills and experience to building solid wood beds that would be safe for children and affordable for parents.”

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Maine Bunk Beds

Sturdy, real hardwood bunk beds made from nontoxic materials with kid-friendly colors and designs. “While many furniture companies use softer, less durable woods like pine, we use poplar—a high-quality, sustainable, locally sourced, renewable hardwood…Except for the architectural bolts used to attach the rails to the corner frames we don’t use any metal in our beds: no wood screws, no metal plates, and no braces or angles used to artificially reinforce inferior products. We never use particle board or composite material in our beds.” Finishes are my favorites: Old-Fashioned Milk Paint and Vermont Natural Coatings. All of their beds are made to meet your needs and aesthetics. They also sell natural mattresses.

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Organic Grace

Just about everything you might need for your baby, chosen to be safe by a real mother for her baby. Crib and mattresses, bedding, glass bottles, cloth diapers, baby blankets and clothes, herbal products, dolls, teethers, toys, pactifiers, pillows, and more–all made from nontoxic, natural, and organic materials. Even organic cotton baby carriers!

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