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OK OK I finally found a nail polish that I can recommend. It’s “so natural it’s edible.” Really. Zero toxic fumes. And some ingredients are organic. This stuff smells like fruit. The polish goes on smoothly and has a beautiful finish. Vibrant color. I can’t find anything toxic about it. Takes longer to dry than toxic nail polish. And it washes right off with water. It’s really designed for little girls to play dress-up, and it wouldn’t stand up to a day of washing hands or dishes. But if you want to play dress-up for a special night out, or put it on your toe nails until your next shower, this would be great. I’m going to play with the sample they sent me.

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“The only product available that kills all 17 bacteria known to cause unhealthy nails without using harsh chemicals or causing painful side effects. The formula was developed by a world-renowned professor at a leading university in Michigan, and remains the only all-natural solution. Athletes, seniors and anyone suffering can be freed from unhealthy nails with Nail 17. Nail 17’s patented formula combines the naturally occurring essential oils of Camphor, Thymol, Menthol, and Eucalyptus, specifically selected for their ability to promote healthy nails. Each individual oil contains properties that effectively stops the progression of the 17 microbes that cause unsightly nails, promoting healthy new nail growth. The inactive ingredient, Isopropyl Alcohol, carries the four essential oils to deeply penetrate the nail plate.” NOTE: I don’t usually recommend isopropyl alcohol, however I am recommending this product which contains it because it is much safer than other treatments.

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All-natural nail and cuticle oil made with certified organic essential oils guarantees it will improve your nails so they don’t bend, tear, or break. “Rx4Nails is a proprietary blend of all natural, certified organic oils and vitamins. The base ingredient is Soybean oil, with a dollup of coconut oil.”

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I tried this oil for hair, skin and nails and it improved my hair with one drop. It’s made from three ancient oils—buckthorn, macula and baobab—each cold-pressed, wildcrafted, organic, non-GMO. Each bottle is hand blended by an organic hairdresser with over 30 years in the industry. This is very potent!


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Anew International

I saw a live demonstration of this product at the Natural Products Expo and I really liked it. You may have seen similar kits sold in malls that allow you to buff your nails to get a shiny polished look on your nails. This kit costs more, but it is a medical grade kit that actually makes your nails stronger and healthier in addition to giving them a beautiful shine. The shine also lasted longer than the cheaper kits. If you have a problem with split nails or cracking cuticles, this kit will help your nails heal naturally.

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