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Maiwa Clothing

Clothing for men and women, hand made in India using traditional methods. “Our garments feature a range of artisan techniques. Depending on the garment these may include, handwoven cloth, block printing, ikat dyeing, natural dyes, and many forms of surface design. We make naturally dyed clothing and accessories designed to be worn everyday. We want to make it easy to find clothing that you love that isn’t made using toxic dyes and chemicals or plastic fibers…Whenever possible, we search for the highest quality all-natural and organic dyes and fibers, including grown-in-Texas organic cotton, biodegradable coconut husk beads, and organic indigo. Our mission is to show that it’s possible to make clothing that’s good for people and good for the environment, and still make it something you want to wear every day.”

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I Sleep Simple

The simplest beds and bedding—mattresses, toppers and pillows—made from “premium natural materials, handmade by apprenticed craftsmen…contains no fillers, additives or questionable chemicals…With 35 years of experience, we’re able to source the quality materials from producers in the U.S. and Indonesia. Our in-house, hands-on craftsmanship means we oversee and care for your product from start to finish. The simplicity of our raw materials and process allows us to be transparent – ask our team any thing about our products and how they’re made.”

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Dharma Trading Company

This is one of my local California stores that has been around a long time—1969! They are basically a fiber art supply store, so there are a lot of things you may not be interested in, but I’m listing them here because fiber arts are about putting art on fabric and clothing, and they carry a good selection of natural fiber fabrics, clothing and other dyeables that can be used “undyed.” They have many types of cotton fabrics, including some organic and even 100% cotton for making sweat clothes, hemp and hemp blends, linen and linen blends, and many silk fabrics. Also extra wide natural fiber fabrics undyed for curtains or bedlinens. Clothing for babies, kids, women and men include such things as undyed cotton tank dress for only $16 and cotton sweat pants and sweat shirts for under $20. Clothing is not organic, but no dye and all sewn with cotton thread. Plus bags, wallets, totes. Yarns, lace, ribbons. Almost anything and everything. And they sell all kinds of dyes and markers (not all nontoxic) to make your own creations.

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Danish Woolen Delight

“Delightfully soft & soothing organic clothing and accessories that promote the health & well-being of those who wear them, those who produce them, and, ultimately, to the well-being of our Mother Earth!” This website imports high quality organic woolens from Europe for babies, children, and adults, made from various varieties of wool. Hats and headwear, long underwear, socks—also clothing and outerwear for babies. Plus blankets and mattress pads.

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Faribault Mill

The classic 100% wool blanket in many styles and colors. “Today, in a historic mill nestled along the Cannon River in Minnesota, a nearly 150-year-old story is still being woven. The Faribault Woolen Mill endures as one of the last vertical woolen mills in America. Here, fifth generation craftspeople take raw wool and create blankets, throws, scarves and accessories of remarkable comfort and quality. Irreplaceable century-old machinery stands side by side with modern technology in our “new” mill, which was built in 1892.” Be sure to see The Art of Wool.

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Amana Woolen Mill

Though the name says “woolen mill,” today Amana makes and sells high quality 100% cotton products for the home: blankets & throws, table and kitchen linens. Plus heavy duty totes made from reclaimed cotton yarn and fabric with full grain leather handles. “We are a community of families, farmers and artisans that are nearly as old as Iowa itself. Quality craftsmanship isn’t a coincidence, it’s second nature. Our textiles are woven in the same building that was first used more than a century and a half ago…The exacting methods used today were brought from the old world by Amana’s first settlers, while the pioneering spirit of those first families continues to drive new innovations.”

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Mission Hammocks

Hammocks and hammock chairs made from 100% cotton in Nicaragua. Type “organic” in the search box to find the ones made with organic cotton. “All of our hammocks are made in a workshop staffed with people who have various disabilities in Nicaragua. We’re Our goal is to make sure that the 30+ individuals that work in the workshop that are blind, deaf, and have physical disabilities will be able to live the lives they deserve. ”

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No Feathers Please

Organic cotton and wool bedding made in the USA. Cotton blankets, cotton/wool comforters, cotton/wool mattress pads, cotton sateen sheet sets, organic heat-fused cotton dust mite barriers (no plastic). Plus sleeping pillows with a variety of natural fills, including wool, buckwheat, latex, kapok, and more.

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Modern Wool

Woolen throws, blankets, scarves and other miscellaneous items made by hand from untreated wool. “We use premium French Merino sheep wool grown in Colorado. Their wool is very soft and not itchy, offering a cozy, comfortable feel for all our products. Next we hand knit them in Southern California. Wool being a natural made material also releases negative ions into the body which build up, strengthen and energize. It is also a temperature regulating material which allows the user to maintain a comfortable body temperature. 100% Wool knits, without synthetic additives, are hard to find and it was in my own fruitless search for them that I decided a product such as this should be on the market and thus Modern Wool was born.

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Hullo Pillow

“A simple, natural pillow designed for comfort….From the 100% organic cotton twill pillow case, to the carefully sourced and selected buckwheat hulls, Hullo pillows are made in the U.S.A. with the finest materials available.” Larger than traditional buckwheat pillows. Easy to adjust fill levels.


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“Rolls Royce quality” authentic handcrafted Japanese buckwheat hull pillows. Filled with 100% natural triple air cleaned USDA Organic buckwheat hulls. 100% unbleached cotton cover. Fits in a standard pillowcase. Also body pillows filled with buckwheat hulls, buckwheat lumbar support and bolster pillows, and dried organic lavender to add to your pillow to aid sleep. All pillows come with zippers so additional buckwheat hulls can be added when needed. “The materials, dimensions, calculations and workmanship are a result of a lifetime accumulation of knowledge and pillow making experience.”

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Swans Island Company

Blankets, throws, wraps, and accessories (also yarns) handcrafted from Maine-spun fleeces and hand-dyed yarns. “A Swans Island product means natural fiber, sourced to the highest possible standard, designed to be as timeless as the tides. * Much of our fiber is from local New England farms as well as domestic, family-run farms that have been caring for their flocks for generations. Our organic merino, sourced from South America, has been certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard, the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. * Fleece from those farms is custom spun for us by New England mills on trusty vintage machinery. From there, every skein of Swans Island yarn – whether destined for our looms, our machine-knit accessories, or your knitting needles – is dyed by hand in our Northport dye house. * Many of our yarns are dyed using naturally derived pigments like cochineal, indigo, and madder root. Others are skein-dyed with low-impact dyes. * We make each dye bath with unique recipes, expertly working the fibers in order to achieve our distinctive hand-dyed look and feel. * Many of our products are woven on traditional looms here in Northport; others are produced in partnership with American makers who share our belief in the value of a life built by hand.” Edges handwoven with 100% silk.

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Prairie Linen Company

Handmade luxury bedding and table linens, made in the USA using high quality 100% natural linen fabric.” These are design pieces for decoration, not sheets and pillowcases. Monogrammed and ruffled pillow shams, bedskirts and spreads, crib accessories, placemats and monogrammed napkins, linen fabrics.

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Shop Fog Linen

Beautiful, simple products for daily use made from linen. Created by a Japanese designer, the pieces have a an Asian sensibility, made from western fabric. They have everything from table and kitchen linens to bed linens and bath towels, plus loose linen clothing and even linen slippers! Mostly neutral colors, some patterns, some colorful surprises. “We just want to design and distribute an honest, beautiful, and long-lasting product. Our motto: Live with linen. Every day.

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SOL Organics

Affordable luxury bed sheets and pillow cases made from GOTS certified organic cotton. “Beautifully ultra soft organic cotton made with fine long staple yarns in a luxurious and comforting sateen weave…Uncompromising luxury is about quality, comfort, honesty, transparency & affordability, clean & safe work conditions, fair trade wages & a fair price for you, are part of the Sol Equation.” Pure white, ivory and blue.

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Boll & Branch

GOTS certified luxury organic cotton sheet sets “made with love, care and total transparency.” Also pillowcases, duvet covers, and shams, with decorative touches including simple trim, hand embroidery, and bands. Available colors are white, beige and light and dark grey, and light and dark blue. Also nath towels, throws, crib sheets and blankets.

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Always Piper

Timeless clothing, bedlinens,, home goods and accessories made mostly from linen. “Outstanding quality is achieved through fine detailing and finishes that result in items that are exclusive and promise to last for years…handmade on the coast of Maine in small batches.”

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Lucky Sheep Wool Sleeping Bag

wool-sleeping-bagThe first all-wool sleeping bag I’ve ever seen, made with a wool knit cover and stuffed with domestic wool batting. Can be used indoors and outside. Will keep you warm down to 20-30 degrees. “Wool is the most comfortable and luxurious outdoor weather fabric. This fiber allows the skin to breathe without condensing (trapping moisture). When sleeping beneath wool there is a calming effect…Wool also has an amazing ability to stay warm even when moist or wet, which is what makes this a choice option for outdoor use. This sleeping bag is unlike anything in the past. It is light, fluffy, retains it’s loft, and is so soft you would think it is silk.”

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Oeko-Tex certified undyed natural linen from Belgium, France and Ireland, custom-made into pure linen duvet covers, sheets, pillows, bed skirts, drapes, roman shades, tablecloths, throw blankets and towels. “We began our linen business 15 years ago. We traveled not just to trade fairs but to small independent producers to find traditional durable linen fabrics that will last a long time and possibly be pasted on to future generations as they once were a long time ago…The fabric we cut and sew is OEKO-TEX certified; it passed the tests for conformity to ecological requirements of standard Oeko-Tex Standart 100. This linen does not contain any harmful substances and it is absolutely healthy for you.”

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Yellow Leaf Hammocks

100% handwoven hand-dyed cotton rope hammocks. I’ve included this here as the simplest thing to sleep on. “Yellow Leaf Hammocks is breaking the cycle of extreme poverty through sustainable job creation. Our artisan weavers and their families were previously trapped in extreme poverty and debt slavery. Now they are empowered to earn a stable, healthy income through dignified work (we call this a “prosperity wage”). This is the basis for a brighter future, built on a hand up, not a handout.”

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DIY Natural Bedding

“We are a bedding parts supplier. We are here to enable you to make your own chemical free, natural bedding, be it pillows, mattresses, blankets, comforters, etc.” Because they are a parts supplier and not a mattress manufacturer, you make your own mattress with the materials you choose. It’s as simple as opening a big zippered bag, filling it with materials, and zipping it up. Or you can make your own completely from scratch with very natural materials in hard to find sizes. Componentsinclude wool from local farms, 100% natural latex, and GOTS certified organic fabric. She also offers sewing patterns for those who would like to save even more by sewing their own mattress ticking, and custom fire-retardant-free latex cuts for any DIY furniture project.

Listen to my interview with Deborah Brenton, owner of DIY Natural Bedding.

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White Lotus Home

This is the site I recommend most for inexpensive natural fiber mattresses. “Handcrafted natural fiber mattresses, pillows, and accessories without toxic chemicals” since 1981. They make all-cotton mattresses without springs because “the use of steel in mattresses is responsible for enormous amounts of air and water pollution every year, not to mention the devastation that strip mining has on the land where coal and iron ore are extracted.” In addition, each and every mattress has been made entirely by hand. “I can put a mattress-crafter in a room with a natural fabric mattress case, a bale of cotton, a needle, some thread, and just her two hands, and she will come out with a 100% handmade mattress that is more comfortable, more supportive, will not poison the earth or the sleeper and costs less than $300.” Made from “green” cotton scrap fibers (they are too short to spin for textiles) which have had had no chemical processing after harvesting–no bleaching, fungicides or dyes. They also make pillows filled with kapok, buckwheat, wool, buckwheat/wool, or organic cotton, wool toppers, and “The Stowaway”–a smaller version of their mattress that can be rolled up, tied, and carried for an exercise mat or traveling. Also organic cotton sheets, 100% cotton mattress pads, and bedroom furniture. ”The environmental stewards at White Lotus believe that if the cost of saving the earth and protecting one’s health was out of reach for most people’s budgets, true progress would never be made. For that reason, in part, White Lotus is very efficient with resources and keeps its prices where almost everyone can take part in making the world a better place.” 100% of their energy is supplied by wind power. When you call to place an order, tell them I sent you.

Listen to my interview with White Lotus Home President Marlon Pando.

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Living Fresh Collection

Beautiful all-natural bed linens that enhance your sleep experience, made from sustainable fabric. FRESH in the name stands for “Fabric Redefining Environmental Standard in our Home.” The fabric is Tencel-Plus, made from cotton and cellulose from eucalyptus trees, which makes the fabric resist dust mites naturally (I’ve slept on these sheets and they don’t smell like eucalyptus). All natural substances are used in processing raw materials into fibers.

Listen to my interview with Living Fresh Collection National Sales Director Randi Farina.

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Rough Linen

Gorgeous handsewn 100% bedlinens made from four different weights of linen. Plus linen curtains, tableware, and some small things like little sachet bags. “I found this homespun, hand sewn linen pillow slip while I was clearing my grandmother’s cottage in Scotland. It was made by her great-grandmother, in 1840, and was in regular use for three generations. When it came to me I used it to store lavender. Years later, by good fortune, I found a natural linen with the same wonderful texture and feel, and I decided to make bedding in this simple, elemental tradition. I wanted the feeling of connection, appreciation of good materials and handiwork which is part of my heritage, as part of my everyday life . I hope you love it as I do. With care, it should last a hundred years.”

Listen to my interview with Rough Linen Founder Tricia Rose.

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USAlpaca Company

Pachmana Alpaca Pillows are bed and nursing pillows made of 100% US organic cotton with 100% US natural alpaca fill, an organic, luxurious replacement for pillows usually made of toxic styrene. “Pillows are the worst offenders in the bedding industry because we breathe in their toxic out-gassing every night for hours. The Pachmana pillow allows your body to rest at night, because it has no toxins to fight off. It is as peaceful as the animals it comes from…I was so alarmed at the recent reports on toxins in nursing pillows and pillows in general that I designed a new company where we are using only 100% US organic cotton and only all-natural alpaca fill.” Alpaca fiber has a semi-hollow core, deterring dust mites, the leading cause of asthma and allergies in the bedroom. This porous alpaca fiber creates an extra insulation value for a constant balance of temperature when we are in contact with it. Unlike wool, alpaca does not contain lanolin, it is hypoallergenic and does not itch or prick like wool. Because alpaca is naturally fire resistant, no toxic chemicals are used. Lifetime guarantee. Buy this pillow once and you can send your pillow back at any time to have it adjusted, refreshed or get a brand new cover for only $25. They also sell organic cotton sheets and alpaca blankets made especially for them by Pendelton.

Listen to my interview with USAlpaca Company Founder and Owner Robbin Martinelli.

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Silk-filled cotton-covered hypoallergenic bedding: mattress pads, duvets/comforters, pillows and pillow protectors. Created by two friends who found they were allergic to dust mites who wanted something other than “synthetics or chemically treated products that were either too stiff, too heavy, or felt like you were sleeping on plastic.” They committed themselves to developing a chemical-free, all natural and luxurious bedding collection that would provide a comfortable, clean and uninterrupted night’s sleep. Millions of strands of silk—processed only with mild soap and water— are laid layer on top of layer. Silk does not  harbor odors, acts as a barrier to dust mites and allergens, and is resistant to mold and mildew. It is naturally flame retardant, and naturally adjusts to your body to create the perfect temperature. Machine wash and dry. Adult and crib sizes. NOTE: the pillow contains a nontoxic polyester fiber fill at the very core, surrounded then by silk and cotton. All the other pieces are 100% silk and cotton.

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Magnolia Organics

Colorful, affordable, certified organic cotton bedding for adults and babies, including sheets & pillowcases, duvet sets, barrier cloth products, and organic cotton blankets. “Eco-friendly products with an ethical and environmental conscious to unparalleled quality and design. With an unwavering commitment to fair labor, sustainable materials, minimalist packaging , and a close eye on the carbon footprint on each product.” See their blog for a photo tour of how their organic sheets are made.

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Luxury goes organic with these bedding items made with cotton, wool, French linen, and hemp. Futons and mattresses, mattress covers, top quality organic bed linens, comforters and duvet covers, pillows, blankets–all made from organic materials. Also mattress covers and organic wool moisture pad protector. Many items are exclusive to this site. “Our hemp products are, of course, sustainably made with no sweatshop, child, or underwaged labor involved at any step of the cultivation or manufacturing process — this is something which we have taken pride in from the very beginning.”

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SDH Enterprises

Designer and manufacturer of beautiful, elegant bed linens made from natural fibers. They are the maker’s of The Purist collection, one of the first to be manufactured without chemical bleaches, chemical dyes, chemical finishes or formaldehyde. Egyptian cotton, linen, linen/cotton blends, virgin wool, silk cashmere and Legna (a cellulose fiber made from wood grown in managed forests) are used to weave luxurious linens that utilize the natural variations of color and texture of the fibers and verious weaves to create pattern. Website has store locator. “Our goal is to promote environmental friendliness while making exquisitely crafted products for our customers’ enjoyment.”

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Yes, there really is a Janice and she was one of the first to make natural fiber beds and bedding for people with multiple chemical sensitivities. They sell innerspring and natural latex foam mattresses, plus their own barrier-cloth covered pillows, organic bedlinens, and natural fiber mattress pads. “Whenever articles are not obtainable through traditional manufacturing sources, we produce them in our own sewing room with our 100% cotton fabrics and batting. When necessary, we carefully wash and rinse fabrics prior to construction. Our seamstresses are experts in their crafts and maintain the sewing room in immaculate condition. As a contamination precaution, our employees do not smoke or wear perfumed products while at work.”

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Heart of Vermont

All products are handmade in Vermont from natural fibers. All cotton is organic, FoxFibre™ Colorganic©, low-impact dyed, or untreated. Their pesticide-free wool is washed in hot water and soap, and processed into batting on their own machines without oils or mothproofing. Bedlinens come in all cottons, in several weights and colors, including flannels, chambrays and sateens. Also cotton and wool blankets and cotton pajamas and robes. Choose from organic wool/cotton innerspring mattress and box spring sets or organic wool/cotton futons. Most of their hardwood bed and convertible sofa frames come unfinished. Comforters are made from organic cotton chambray stuffed with several weights of organic cotton or pure wool. Pillows come in a variety of shapes and size-pure wool or organic cotton, encassed in organic cotton fabric.

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Garnet Hill

A breathtaking selection of beautiful cotton percale and flannel bed linens in many unusual styles and colors (some have formaldehyde-based “easy care” finishes, so read copy carefully). You can also choose from thick English flannel, natural cotton, and Italian linen bedlinens. Coordinating bedskirts, coverlets, and duvet covers make complete bed ensembles. Top your bed with a cotton or wool blanket, or a cotton-, wool-, or silk-filled comforter. Pillows are filled with cotton, wool, or down. Natural fiber mattress covers. Many exclusive patterns and European imports. Also a bedframe made from reclaimed teak.

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Crescent Moon Duvet & Pillow Company

Handcrafted 100% organic duvets, mattress pads and pillows, covered with cotton and filled with soft alpaca wool (70% alpaca with 30% sheep’s wool to hold it all together). Alpaca is “warmer, stronger, lighter and cleaner than sheep’s wool…There are no chemicals, dyes or bleaches used when the wool is processed. Our materials are natural, renewable resources that do not pose a threat to the environment.”

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Percale, damask, sateen, and flannel bed linens made from organically-grown cotton, in a variety of colors and patterns. ”Every fiber of cotton we use is produced in accordance with the standards set forth by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)…All our organic cotton is grown in India by family farmers organized in cooperatives. We willingly pay premium prices to these small-scale growers for their organic cotton fiber because this encourages organic practices that protect not only the environment, but the farmers, their families, and their communities from exposure to toxic agricultural chemicals. Also, by purchasing their cotton at a better price per kilo, we help support local and economically sustainable production.”

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Bed, Bath & Beyond

Untreated cotton, organic cotton (percale and flannel–in solid colors), and bamboo twill sheet sets online and in stores. I can’t link to the specific pages, so use their search engine to type in “all-natural sheet sets,” “organic,” and “bamboo”. Good prices.



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Anna Sova

The most luxurious eco-friendly bedlinens I’ve seen. Organic cotton bedlinens come in a rainbow of solid colors, in an Indian print applied by hand with wood blocks, and other natural designs and in various weights. Natural color linen bedlinens contain both fine Irish and Belgian linen. And alpaca–yes, soft alpaca sheets and pillowcases–from animals grazed on land that is free of fertilizers and pesticides, where the herders practice a philosophy of “Pachamama” to develop harmony between man and the mother earth and to preserve the alpacas’ welfare. Silk bedlinens–and handstitched quilts, shams and bedskirts in vibrant colors–are finished with organic nut oil soap instead of formaldehyde. All can be custom monogrammed. Packaging is minimal packaging out of only recycled materials that can also be recycled or reused. All the eco-benefits of each product are fully explained. “We video tape in person, in all countries, all human resources that go into the manufacturing of our draperies. We guarantee good working conditions where happy employees take pride in producing our quality healthy products for a healthy planet…We have a corporate commitment to alternative labor sources. We also have an ethical responsibility to our community including support for homeless and battered women’s programs.”

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