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100% linen towels for bath, kitchen, beach and travel. Why a linen towel for your body? Fast drying, exfoliating, absorbent, antibacterial, long-lasting, and they just get better with age. 90% unbleached, undyed fibers with 10% colorful stripe. “When I found myself washing three full loads of cotton terry towels each week for a family of four, we tried linen bath towels. For the first time, my children reused their quick-drying towels, reducing the bath towel laundry burden to under one load a week.”

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Beautiful, simple products for daily use made from linen. Created by a Japanese designer, the pieces have a an Asian sensibility, made from western fabric. They have everything from table and kitchen linens to bed linens and bath towels, plus loose linen clothing and even linen slippers! Mostly neutral colors, some patterns, some colorful surprises. “We just want to design and distribute an honest, beautiful, and long-lasting product. Our motto: Live with linen. Every day.

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Exclusive certified organic Europen hemp/cotton and linen/cotton terry bath towels, bath mats and robes. “These are the purest and most beautiful organic hemp towels and organic linen towels money can buy, period. Proprietary looping technique results in a uniform plushness that really soaks up water and moisture.” Grey-brown color is the natural color of the fibers. Also woven hemp bath rugs with naturally-dyed colors, Hemp shower curtains “Our hemp shower curtains are completely metal-free and truly 100% hemp. All components are unbleached and undyed, except the new color choices which are either dyed with biodegradable fiber-reactive dyes or whitened with hydrogen peroxide (Ivory). ” And more. Many items are exclusive to this site. “Our hemp products are, of course, sustainably made with no sweatshop, child, or underwaged labor involved at any step of the cultivation or manufacturing process — this is something which we have taken pride in from the very beginning.”

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Exceptionally soft, absorbent, luxurious towels made from “nandina,” an innovative new yarn that is a blend of certified organic cotton and plantation grown bamboo “creating the luster of silk, the softness of aged cotton, and the durability and ease of care found in more traditional fabrics…We are proud that our towels have been certified free of harmful substances, often exceeding the highest standards set by Oeko-Tex, the world leader in textile testing for human ecology.” I have felt these towels and they are the softest fabric you could ever want next to your skin. This fiber is especially appropriate for bath towels as it is resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew, easy care, and more absorbent than cotton. Click through for more information and to see colors, but the manufacturer does not sell retail on their website. They do give a list of stores across the country. You can order by phone from Luxury Linens at 847-277-1480. Ask them for Nandina towels.

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