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Summit Spring

Raw “Living” Spring Water “gathered from one of the oldest and most revered natural spring water sources in North America and comes to you just as it “bubbles from the spring™” mere minutes after leaving the Earth…Summit Spring, the source of Raw Water, is so pure that we were given the first and only exemption from treatment in Maine’s history. Summit Spring water exceeds every State and Federal guideline for drinking water, straight from the ground…The fact that we capture real, natural Maine spring water from a centuries old true free-flowing source, without the use of pumps or boreholes and then gravity feed the water to our bottling facility located just 50′ away, without any transport, with complete control over “cradle to grave” packaging coupled with decades long testing and safety history-gave the regulatory bodies confidence in awarding this unprecedented approval.” Comes in glass or PET bottles.

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Dancing With Water

Dancing with waterAn inspiring reorientation to water in it’s natural state, this website has everything you need to make the transition to drinking water as nature intended. It helps you understand the New Science of Water and provides tools to create full-spectrum, living water right in your own home. Start by signing up for the newsletter and receive a week’s worth of daily emails introducing you to the concept. And if you’re interested, read the book and explore all the interesting things you can use to restructure your water to be vibrantly alive. NOTE: the information and tools on this site enlivens water, but does not remove pollutants. You need to start with clean water (I recommend using water from a PureEffect filter).

Listen to my interview with Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water co-author MJ Pangman.

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Flaska Water Bottles

A reusable glass water bottle that is programmed with information that enhances the quality of the water inside. The end result is water that is restructured to be similar to spring water in it’s natural environment. The bottles are beautiful, with tight cork caps. The family-sized carafe is a gorgeous addition to any table (I had to have one). Protective sleeves come in many designs, materials include organic cotton and natural cork. NOTE: these bottles change the structure of the water, but do not remove pollutants. You need to start with clean water (I recommend using water from a PureEffect filter).

For 10 percent off your purchase, enter coupon code “Toxic Free” at checkout

Listen to my interview with Healthy Earth LLC President Bryan Mours. Healthy Earth LLC is the US distributor for Flaska water bottles

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A community and user created database of natural springs around the world, many of which are sources of drinking water. Spring water direct from the spring is “the cleanest, healthiest, most natural water available in our world today.” Just select a state to find a list of springs near you (not all areas have natural springs listed).

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