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Once Again Nut Butter

A line of nut butters from peanut to hazelnut, some organic, others not. The difficult thing about natural nut butters is they separate. This company has made the first certified organic peanut butter that doesn’t separate.” It’s stabilized, like supermarket peanut butter, but uses organic palm oil instead of unhealthy fats. Like other stabilized peanut butters it contains sugar, but if you want a peanut butter that tastes and spreads like a favorite supermarket brand, but is all organic, this is it. And if you are a fan of that chocolate-hazelnut spread, here’s an organic version (first ingredient organic sugar). These might not be the healthiest nut butters, but if you’re going to eat them, here’s an organic alternative.

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Divine Organics Pili Nut Butter

They were giving out free samples at my local community organic market and I couldn’t resist. And I’ve been eating it since. Here’s why. It tastes like chocolate. But there is no caffeine, just a bit of coconut sugar and a bit of Himalayan salt. I haven’t tried an actual pili nut yet, but I’m interested in the fact that they are a rich source of heart-healthy omegas, which play an important role in brain function, and they contain all 8 essential amino acids. This nut butter is a good introduction.

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Pure Abundance

Cultured and aged cashew cheeses made by combining traditional methods with modern technolog. “Organic cashews and supporting ingredients are blended with a vegan probiotic culturing agent and aged in our cheese cave for 11 days. A complex and satisfying flavor profile emerges as the magic of chemistry transforms a few simple ingredients into exquisite cheese….Handmade with love from organic ingredients, Pure Abundance Cashew Cheeses are dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.”

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Big Tree Organic Farms

California-grown organic almonds sold whole (raw and roasted, and blanched), sliced, diced, ground into flour, meal, and butter. Also flavored with chocolate or lemon salt. Certified organic by CCOF and certified kosher. Their whole natural almonds are processed in an “almonds only” facility.

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Inzana Ranch and Produce

Raw organic unpasteurized almonds (shelled and in shell), organic walnuts, organic natural-color pistachios, sold separately or mixed with organic dried fruits. Dried fruits include organic cherries, kiwi, 24 varieties of figs, and even a sun-dried organic apricots without sufur that is orange, chewy, and sweet. All fruits and nuts grown on their CCOF certified organic ranch.

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Copay Hills Orchard

Unpasteurized, raw organic almonds, harvested into tarps that eliminates the soil exposure that requires almonds to be pasteurized. “We devote 100% of our farming time towards our 1400 trees to produce high quality organic almonds for you. We really are a family farm. All eight of us farm the property. We use sustainable, organic farming practices to ensure we are good stewards of our land.”

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Fillmore Farms

Raw, high quality, organic English Walnuts. grown in Northern California, one of the top English Walnut growing regions in the world. ” the climate, soil and water supply all combine to provide a wonderful growing environment. In addition to being grown with our existing organic farming methods, a portion of our crop is dried at ambient air temperature (ambient air dried) and never frozen. We believe this helps preserve the flavor and nutritional content of the raw walnut.” Certifications posted on website.

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Corky’s Nuts

Fresh walnuts and cold-pressed walnut oil from a family-owned family farm in Northern California. “It all began back in 1975 when my parents acquired land in a small, beautiful valley located in Northern California…My “a-ha” moment came the first time I shared our organic walnuts with my husband, Eric. When we first started dating, he so kindly bought a bag of organic walnuts from a popular natural food chain as a thoughtful gesture. I ate one walnut and had to spit it out. It tasted old, dry, and bitter. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you can relate. I had never purchased walnuts from a store because I always had access to fresh ones…it was during this moment I realized, most of the general public does not have access to freshly harvested organic walnuts. That is, unless you know a walnut farmer. Well, now you do…Over the past 35 years, I’ve watched my father tend to his trees and the land as if they were his own children. There’s a lot of love and care which goes into growing our organic walnuts.”

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The Philospher’s Stoneground Sprouted Nut Butters

About a year and a half after originally posting this I happened to encounter the creator of this business at the Heirloom Food Exhibition and tasted this almond butter. It is AMAZING. The flavor of almonds is much stronger than usual almond butter and it feels more alive. Way beyond ordinary food,……Spouted almond butters made from organic unpasteurized Spanish almonds sprouted in spring water and sea salt. Finished butter contains only residual salt from the sprouting process.  “Sprouting makes almonds sweeter, more digestible, and more nutritious…Our sprouted almond butters feature unpasteurized, truly raw almonds from Spain, which have been grown using dry-farming methodology, a traditional water-sustainable and regionally-adapted approach to almond agriculture. We are the first drought-adapted almond butter company and intend to continue pioneering this path. All of our ingredients are Certified Organic and meticulously sourced. We create gluten-free, peanut-free, sweetener-free, Paleo, raw, and vegan sprouted almond butters.”

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Big Spoon Roasters

Handcrafted nut butters, made from scratch to order, all made with high quality ingredients. Their basic peanut butter, for example, is made from fresh-roasted peanuts, honey, sea salt, and a bit of organic coconut oil for a very smooth texture. But the really interesting thing is all the unique flavors and combinations. Hot Peanut contains chili peppers. Then there’s peanut cashew, peanut pecan, and peanut cocoa. Then almond cocoa, almond ginger, vanilla peanut sorghum (made with fresh vanilla beans) and more.


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