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Sun Organic Farm

This is your basic bulk organic foods–grains, beans, dried fruits, coffee, nuts. All ingredients, not packaged food products. But what a selection! You’ll find things here you won’t find at your natural food store. Many varieties of beans and dried fruits, and “a grand selection of high quality certified organic herbs, spices and seasonings”–99% of everything on this site is certified organically grown.

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Living Tree Community Foods

A reader recommended this website to me for their high quality of food products. While you will find the usual oils and vinegars, chocolates, nuts and seeds and their butters, grains and pastas, honey and sweeteners, what is unusual about these foods is they are all chosen and processed with the guideline of supporting family farmers and keeping the food alive. You’ll find such foods as California-grown heritage olive oil, unusual varieties of honey alive and unfiltered, and polenta made from Organic Dakota Black Heirloom Corn.

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Wise Choice Market

“Delicious traditional foods delivered to your door.” Everything you need for an organic real foods diet: organic bone broth, fermented vegetables, grass-fed raw milk cheeses, wild seafood, healthy fats, soaked nut nutters, gluten-free breads, and more. Nutrient-dense read foods. No GMOs.

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Northwest Wild Foods

A small, family-owned company that is dedicated to offering the “rare and natural wild flavors” of the Pacific Northwest. Both raw foods and prepared into various food products. “Our wild berries are hand-gathered in the lush woodlands of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains where our intrepid pickers often find themselves competing with Black bear, cougar and other native animals for the sweet, juicy berries. Perhaps our favorite wild berry is tiny Wild Mountain Blackberry that our family has been collecting for more than three generations….” Supplies are limited by necessity.


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Blue Mountain Organics

A great selection of organic raw and sprouted foods that are hard to find other places. Here you can buy nuts already soaked and sprouted, raw sprouted nut butters, spouted nut, bean and seed flours, raw treats, superfoods, and more. Every product is organic.

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Azure Standard

A free-to-join food coop. “Azure reduces waste and saves you money by connecting directly with independent growers and food producers, shortening the cycle and handling of your food. You have access to organic farm-fresh veggies and dried bulk foods, grass-fed dairy and frozen meats, raw honey and non-GMO oils, packaged foods, nutritional supplements and beauty products. Your order is processed at our massive warehouse in Oregon, packed in recycled boxes with your name on it, and put on a truck that delivers straight to you…What started out as an organic farm over 40 years ago, has since grown into the largest independent natural and organic food distributor in the country. As a result of extraordinary growth and steadfast commitment, Azure now delivers more than 12,500 non-GMO and organic products direct to families, manufacturers and retailers across the nation, including Hawaii and Alaska. Customers love the many options for bulk and family-friendly sizes…We support a free and independent food supply chain where our customers can choose clean and quality foods they trust. And, we provide food producers with a strong base of ardent customers who appreciate them, will support them and help them thrive.”

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Cultures for Health

The best way for me to describe this website is “organic do-it-yourself heaven!” They sell all kinds of DIY for making foods like fermented foods, cheesemaking, brewing, sprouting, and more. Their message is You Can Do This yourself at home, and they provide everything from supplies to instructions to cheering you on. I love this site and can’t wait to use it to make these foods myself.

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Super Edibles

“Foods that have the best nutritional and aesthetic qualities:” nuts and seeds, dried fruits, herbs and spices, teas, cacao and coconut, powdered foods, and extracts and oils. “Superedibles sources the best quality foods from the most trustworthy suppliers we can find. We always choose quality over price. Our aim is to always provide products that are Raw, Organic and Kosher and have superior nutritional qualities. The products we provide are meant to facilitate your nutrition and wellness. We source the finest products for the best possible value. ”

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Wild Mountain Paleo Market

A full selection of organic foods chosen around Paleo guidelines. So if you’re on a Paleo diet, you can eat everything on this site. Includes baked goods and baking supplies, granola, chocolate, coconut products, condiments, crackers and chips, fermented foods, dips and spreads, herbs and spices, jerky and dried meat, nuts and seeds, ut butters, oils and fats, pasta and sauce, salad dressing, seafood, soup and stock sprouted foods, sweet snacks, sweeteners, supplements and much more. You’ll find many foods here that are not on your natural food store shelves, and ideas for what you can eat on a paleo diet. Read ingredients carefully as some items do contain natural sweeteners. Also Paleo body care.

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Real Raw Food

“Our purpose is to provide unheated, non GMO, pure organically grown foods at a fair price. That means paying more to the grower in some cases and selling lower to the consumer in most cases. To do this we go to the source. There we learn how the food is grown and processed to insure it is living food farmed ethically and sustainably. Most products are shipped directly from the producer to us. These foods are what we want to eat but many of them just aren’t to be found in stores,..We are helping others as well as ouselves acquire the freshest and tastiest truly raw foods we can find….Our raw food items include: honey, cacao, goji berries, vanilla beans, coconut oil, agave nectar, dried fruit, olives, almonds, pecan nuts, cashew nuts, walnuts, brazil nuts, organic dates, maca powder, sunflower lecithin, chocolate, spirulina and more.”

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Vedica Organics

Traditional Indian foods, USDA certified organically grown in India and GMO-free. Aromatic rices, stone-milled flours , classic Indian pulses, chutneys, spices, teas, and read-to-eat dishes. “We source all our foods from the organic farms directly and deliver at your doorstep, through online orders. Our foods are natural and healthy, and are known to bring holistic wellness in every aspect of life.” Many gluten-free ingredients.

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Thrive Market

3000+ healthy, natural products, always 35-50% off, delivered free to your door. 15% off your first order. You can search by a variety of different choices such as manufacturer, special diets, made by hand, sourced direct from farmers, certified organic etc. It’s all packaged products you would find at any natural food store, they just cost less. Also personal care products and household cleaners, remedies and supplements. You have to register to look at the site (but it’s free), then with your first purchase you start a free 30-day trial membership. See how much you save, cancel at any time. At the end of the 30 days, it’s $59.95 to shop at Thrive Market for a year, but the idea is you should save much more than that. “We’ve curated the Thrive Market catalog to include each of the top products from hundreds of the leading natural products brands across categories like cooking ingredients, healthy snacks, nutritional supplements, natural home goods, and bath & beauty…What you will find: over 2,500 of the most popular natural products from the very best brands – brands that exude the values of health, sustainability, and premium quality.

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