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Composted chicken manure for organic gardening. “made in Creswell, Oregon, following best practices to ensure a top quality, balanced and consistent fertilizer and soil conditioner that will benefit anything from tomatoes to houseplants.” They are a Registered Organic Input Material and are OMRI listed for organic use. Use this to make compost tea to fertilize your garden for excellent results.

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Mary’s Alpaca Poop

Compost tea “poop paks” made from alpaca manure “proven to be best organic fertilizer.” It’s clean, with no mess or smell, so it can be used indoors for houseplants as well as in the garden. It provides all the nutrients found in compost, including beneficial micro-organisms. Approved for organic farming by OMRI.


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Haven Natural Brew Soil Conditioner Teas

A special line of all natural soil conditioning tea, from manure harvested exclusively from the by-product of Haven owned livestock. “Haven Livestock Producers, since 1924, has ‘only’ raised natural grass field livestock. Our livestock is raised through rotation on native and permanent grass pastures. For generations Have Livestock Producers has been committed to raising our livestock free of antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides.” Unfortunately, their meat is not available for online purchase. Click here.

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Organic Living for All

This is my local organic nursery and garden center, where the owner teaches neighbors like me how to grow organic vegetables in soil that is basically beach sand. I’ve been using her soil amendments that rebuild and reminerlize the soil so that anyone can grow healthy, nutritious and nutrient-dense food in their own backyard. If I can grow organic food in my beach sand, you can grow it too.

Listen to my interview with Organic Living for All Founder Jai McFall.

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Terracycle Plant Food

An innovative liquid plant food that is not only made from some of the best compost there is (worm poop), but also comes packaged in recycled used plastic soda bottles. The company has established collection sites to recycle bottles all over America, and has already rescued and reused over 1 million bottles.

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Sonic Bloom

I first put this in a book I wrote in 1990. What inspired me then and now is that the whole technology is based on the fact that the early morning singing of birds trigger plants to open their stomata–infinitesimal mouth-like pores that allow oxygen and water to pass out of the leaf while carbon dioxide and other gases move in to be transformed by photosynthesis into sugars. The music of nature, it seems, is vital to healthy plants. Sonic Bloom is an organic spray that is applied to the leaves of plants along with the specific sound frequency that induces stomata to open. The results are amazing.

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An organic fertilizer in easy-to-use, handy tea bags. It is "brewed like regular tea to give your plants a delightful, nourishing drink." Ingredients: Kelp, Rock phosphate, Fish bone meal, Greensand, Dried herbs and flowers, Parsley, Beet powder, Carrot powder, Oak leaves, and Love. Also related products such as seed starting kit, quartz crystal powder, sticky traps for bugs, handmade soap, and more. Website is filled with organic gardening tips, recipes, e-newsletter and other interesting tidbits.

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