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Tampon Tribe

An affordable monthly subscription service for organic tampons, pads, and pantyliners. Toxin-free, plastic-free, chemical-free. Made from 100% certified organic cotton that is strictly monitored and regulated in all stages of production (GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard, ICEA: European Eco/Bio Standard). Chlorine bleach and dioxin-free. There are no glues, synthetics, perfumes, bleaches or dyes used. Customize your box to get the right mix of pads, tampons, and pantyliners for your body.

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Maxim Hygiene

Organic and natural cotton tampons, menstrual pads, pantiliners, and maternity pads, plus organic cotton balls, rounds and swabs, created by a father-and-daughter team. "The founders of Maxim built the company and developed Maxim products with three main elements in mind – Body, Earth, and HealthThey asked themselves, “How can we take these three very basic and essential components of life to their maximum level of efficiency and sustainability?”…by combining them together in to one product we are meeting our maximum potential."

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The DivaCup

A reusable alternative to unreliable disposable tampons and pads, this non-absorbent menstrual cup simply collects menstrual flow. It is the most clean and convenient method of feminine hygiene protection. It will not leak when inserted properly, so it is perfect for all activities–giving women true freedom. It is made from top quality silicone (made from silicon, the second most abundant element on earth after oxygen), a material that has been used in healthcare applications for over 50 years (not the same type of material used in breast implants). Latex-free, BPA-free, plastic-free. Can be worn up to 12 hours at a time. Holds market approval by the US FDA and is allowed for sale in Canada by Health Canada.

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Organic Essentials Menstrual Pads

Tampons made from 100% Certified Organically Grown Cotton. Disposable menstrual pads with an Organic cotton core. Unscented. They are a farmer-owned company and grow the cotton themselves. Site also has organic cotton balls, cosmetic rounds, and swabs, disposable organic cotton nursing pads, and a lot of information on the dangers of conventional menstrual products.

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The Keeper Store

“The Keeper is a natural gum rubber cup–similar to the material that is used in baby bottle nipples–that is worn internally, holding (instead of absorbing) monthly menstrual flow…It is environmentally friendly to the earth and to yourself! No paper products to throw away month after month…has a life expectancy of at least 10 years if maintained properly and used as directed…Made and distributed by women, for women.”

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