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Natural fibers…vegetable dyes…small batch production…exploring origins…handloomed organic cotton…Himalayan wild nettle…A beautiful collaboration of east and west making backpacks, totes, small accessories, and caps.

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Beautiful handcrafted hats for women and men, bags and accessories made from “upcycled bits of leather, silk, hemp, organic cotton, and precious findings, along with a diversity of fine fabrics, leather, and locally sourced materials from their Northern California Fibershed. This exclusive, limited edition handmade collection is a fine balance of craft and art .” These really are works of wearable art.

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Easy Living Hats

Beautiful colorful hats crocheted by a grandma from organic cotton yarn. “I have decided to focus on making hats that resembled traditional millinery but were made through a crochet method. When I researched millinery I found that not only was it extremely expensive to purchase all the equipment and supplies necessary, but it was toxic too. The term “mad hatter” came from the fact that all the sprays and stiffeners used to shape the hat were making the workers sick during production. I crocheted a sun hat and fitted a wire in the edge of the brim to look like a straw hat. What I found was how much more practical it was. Not only was it light weight, but it stretched to fit.”

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Flipside Hats

Hats for women, men and children, handmade from repurposed pre-consumer waste natural fibers. “We source large rolls of abandoned fabrics from production and dye houses and re-love them into beautifully made hats…it makes us proud to be part of a growing movement of small businesses and organizations that divert 75% of pre-consumer waste—750,000 tons—from landfills and repurpose it into beautiful, functional products we use every day…We source our “waste” from production and dye houses, which is often discarded by big sports and athletic brands. Another 10% of our materials are sustainably sourced fabrics such as Hemp, Organic Cotton and Recycled water bottles.” My spot check turned up with mostly repurposed cotton and wool, only one had spandex. So look around and find the fabrics you like. I’m thinking that the selection of fabrics change all the time, but that customer service will be happy to help you find what you want.


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Conner Handmade Hats

High quality hats for women, men, and children in many styles, made from organic cotton. Also hemp, leather, linen, waxed cotton, raffia, paper straw, wool, and more (see Material menu for full list). Extra large sizes available for big heads. I’ve never seen so many styles of hats made from natural materials all in one place.

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Hats With A Past

Hats for women and men in classic styles, made from natural fibers. They also make custom hats from measurements and photographs. ” I collect vintage wool fabric and use it to create 1920s style Cloches, Men’s Driving Caps and Irish Walking Hats among other styles. The fabulous quality of vintage fabrics really inspires me. I hope you are as impressed with that quality as I am. For spring and summer hats I use high quality linens and cottons – many I import from Japan. I’ve been a Costume Properties Artisan and made accessories for the stage for over ten years. I’ve worked with a variety of designers from around the world and have created everything from foul-mouthed puppets to leather gorgets to spats, crowns and sword belts. I enjoy it all but I absolutely LOVE making hats and hope you enjoy them too!”

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