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Power strips in unfinished solid wood housings. “a new power solution that considers where and how people use power today. A functional wood form combined with a one of a kind knitted mesh power cable, Niko adds an element of fun to any environment.” Comes in several styles and cord colors.

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Conway Electric

Modern, powerful, electrical extensions that are safer and more stylish than your power strip. The square cast-aluminum housing is grounded, fire-resistant, and powder-coated in colors. And the cords are cloth-covered, not plastic. You can also buy the made-in-USA cord by the foot (only $1!).


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Solar-powered flashlight, headlamps, lanterns and spotlights that “Put the power of the sun in the palm of your hand.” “The HybridLight™ Solar Flashlight with Battery Back Up uses revolutionary energy technology that generates power from any light source indoor or natural sunlight and stores it. When fully charged the HybridLight™ products can hold a charge for years. The HybridLight family of products offer huge cost savings while providing light when and where you need it – every time! ”

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Where Your Clothing

A collaboration of farmers and manufacturers across the Carolinas dedicated to growing, making, and selling its t-shirts in the Carolinas (but you can buy them too). In particular this website outlines the entire manufacturing process of their t-shirts, from “dirt to shirt.” They even have a map where you can visit the farmers and factories where your shirt was made by finding the resources according to a color-coded thread on the shirt. Organic and non-organic cotton shirts are printed with a nontoxic process cotton. My favorite is the shirt with the “Clothing Facts” label on the from that says “Certified Organic Cotton 100% – Pesticides Used 0%.”

Listen to my interview with TS Designs President and half-owner Eric Henry.

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Reclaim energy wasted during normal electrical processes and lower your electric bills, increase the life of your appliances and motors, protect your home from power surges, and reduce the amount of toxic air pollution generated by the electricity used to power your home. You are billed for this lost energy by your energy company, but are not able to use it. This device stores this otherwise lost energy and releases it when needed by the various electrical demands in your home. Just one device serves your entire home. I think this is such a great idea for saving resources and reducing pollution that I bought one for my own home. It was easy for a handyman to install, too.

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“Scores and ranks all cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs on the market according to environmental friendliness. Learn which vehicles are this year’s ‘greenest’ and ‘meanest,’ as well as how to shop for a green vehicle.” See a free preview of the top-rated vehicles by class, plus overall best and worst vehicles, or purchase instant access to the list.

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Go Green Solar

“We’re just a group of people who are on a mission to get you started with green energy. We provide products, services and financing to get your green energy projects done.” They really have everything–solar ovens to complete systems, wind turbines, and some cool things that can help you use energy efficiently. I’m considering a $100 product that will instantly save up to 30% on my air conditioning costs

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Renewable energy certificates that give you an opportunity to offset the carbon monoxide emissions produced from driving your car–a key cause of global warming and source of toxic air pollution. Your purchase of a certificate, appropriate to size of your car, reduces the environmental impact of your driving by funding clean energy projects that directly offset your car’s carbon emissions. Priced from $29.95 to $79.95 per year. Certificates are printed on recycled paper and come with a static cling decal for your car.

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A voluntary certification program for renewable electricity products. It sets consumer protection and environmental standards for electricity products, and verifies that Green-e certified products meet these standards. Certified products may display the Green-e logo. Click on “Your Electric Choices” to find out where to purchase green energy certificates in your state. This user-friendly site has lots of information on the health and environmental effects of non-renewable energy, and a great dictionary that defines all the confusing energy terms.

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US EPA: Green Vehicle Guide

A guide to choosing the cleanest and most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your needs. “Low emissions and good fuel economy are both important for the environment” (and the air we breathe). You can look up vehicles by type, year, or “the greenest vehicles.” Results show an air pollution score, a greenhouse gasses score, and fuel economy.

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Battery Solutions

Will accept all types of batteries for recycling from residential and business customers. For a small one-time fee, they will ship you a container that you ship back when it is full of spent batteries. After the initial fee, you pay for shipping and a small recycling fee based on the type of batteries you've sent. A small price to pay to keep toxic metals out of our landfills.

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