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Shields Dates

When Larry and I were driving across the USA from Florida to California, we drove right through the famous date growing region of Coachella Valley, so we had to stop for dates. Shields has 10 varieties of dates and if you stop at their date garden you can sample every one of them. They sell natural and organic dates and date products, including their own “date crystals” date sugar.

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Frog Hollow Farm

Sweet, tree-ripened organic fresh and dried fruits plus various food products, all grown on their certified organic farm in California. Multiple varieties of cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, pluots and pears. These are superior quality fruits. They have a shop and cafe in the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco, and I would always stop and get something when I used to live there. Farm-to-table delivery, fruit clubs.

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Bella Viva Orchards

A wonderful selection of delicious organically grown dried fruits and nuts, including apples, apricots, currents, cherries, cranberries, his, mangos, peaches, pears, persimmons, strawberries, the usual raisins and prunes, and more. I first found them at the Ferry Building Farmers Market in San Francisco, so I’ve tasted the high quality of these fruits myself. Excellent.

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