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Grateful Threads

Clothing for men, women, and children. Their site says they sell "handmade hippie stuff," but check it out even if this doesn't sound like your style. All the pieces are hand sewn in simple styles (like drawstring skirts). Some are made from colorful vegetable dyed fabrics. Some are made by "recycling" other garments, such as old jeans, and the traditional practice of patchwork is alive and well here. They will also do custom work at affordable prices.

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Grateful Body

Chemical-free skin care products and topical medicinals handcrafted in small batches from organic, biodynamically grown, and ethically wildcrafted plants and cold-pressed plant oils. These treatments deeply nourish the skin, supporting and strengthening your skin's capacity to take care of itself. Products are safe and beneficial for women, men, children and babies, and for all skin types." Note their products are free from synthetic fragrances, but do have natural fragrances inherent in their beneficial ingredients. "We simply base our formulations on the vast intelligence and life force of nature, instead of the narrow intellect of the laboratory."

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Goodwin Creek Gardens

Seeds and live plants for a long list of useful and ornamental plants, including medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, everlastings, scented geraniums, lavenders, native American species, plants that attract hummingbirds or butterflies, and many more. "We have shared our gardens with animals great and small, and occasionally had to battle with those that have gone a bit too far…But having animals in the garden is perhaps our greatest pleasure. We offer a wide variety of plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies, and hope that your appreciation of these creatures will heighten your enthusiasm for all others…We work very hard to provide our customers not only with high quality plants, but ones that have been grown in a conscientious and environmentally friendly manner. We seldom need to use pesticides. When we do, we use ones that are organic and are clearly safe to use on food crops. We use only rock powders or vegetable based organic fertilizers in our gardens, such as compost, alfalfa meal, wood ash, and rock phosphate. While these work great in garden soil, they haven

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Get a Guru Handmade Soap Company

"100% Pure handmade Olive oil soap. No Additives. No Preservatives. No Chemicals. No testing on animals. No Animal products. Your Skin will notice the difference…available unscented and in many unique blends, using only pure and natural herbs, plant extracts and oils…We treat soap making as an art. We are always experimenting with different colors and techniques to keep our soap the finest in the world. As a result the color, texture and aroma will differ from batch to batch. Its all part of the charm." I found this little shop in a village just up the coast from where I live in Florida. They have no labels on the soaps–their name and the price is stamped into the soap! In the shop, the irregular hand-cut pieces sit out in open baskets. They don't give you a bag unless you ask for one. Their blends are unusual and absolutely wonderful–like oatmeal and lavender, vanilla and mint, ginger and grapefruit. Ask them what they have when you are ready to order, as I noticed not all of the blends in the store were on their website.

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Gardener’s Supply Company

A company founded and run by gardeners. they are committed to providing “garden-tested, earth-friendly products that will help our customers have more fun and success in their gardens…We understand the products that we sell because we use them in our own gardens. ” Their site sells everything for organic gardening and lawn care (except seeds and plants), from seed starters to greenhouses, plus organic pest controls and solar lighting. They also have a good collection of free how-to-articles and a Pest & Disease Detective that helps you identify the pest or disease with pictures and offers earth-friendly solutions.

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The Garlic Store

If you love garlic, you'll love this website. They carry organic garlic in every form imaginable–Organic Toasted Elephant Garlic Flakes, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic Garlic Flakes, Organic Heirloom Garlic Flakes, and almost 50 different varieties of fresh organic garlic. Also books, videos, and accessories that help you cook with garlic. (Note this site also sells many packaged foods containing garlic that are not organic, so read descriptions carefully. This is an all-garlic site, but not an all-organic site.)

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Gardening by the Moon

"Gardening by the phases of the moon is a technique that can speed the germination of your seeds by working with the forces of nature. Plants respond to the same gravitational pull of tides that affect the oceans, which alternately stimulates root and leaf growth. Seeds sprout more quickly, plants grow vigorously and at an optimum rate, harvests are larger and they don't go to seed as fast. This method has been practiced by many for hundreds of years, and is a perfect compliment to organic gardening…" Website sells an attractive gardening by the moon calendar and has more background information on why and how the moon affects the sprouting of seeds and the growth of plants.

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