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Cosmetics Without Synthetics

Natural cosmetics store with over 300 pure products to choose from–natural makeup (including lipstick, mascara, and foundation) natural skincare products, hair, and bodycare items. "No animal testing, no ingredients of mammal origin, no artificial preservatives (parabens), no artificial colorings (FD&C), no synthetic chemicals, no mineral oil, no pesticide or herbicide residues, no solvents." You can purchase a sample of almost every product before you buy the regular size.

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Cool Roofs Rating Council

Cool roofs reflect and emit heat back to the atmosphere, thereby reducing energy costs, and increasing roof longevity and occupant comfort. By reducing enery use, cool roofs reduct the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming. In addition, cool roofs help mitigate Urban Heat Island Effect and reduce smog formation. This website rates various roofing products for their "solar reflectance" (the fraction of solar energy that is reflected by the roof) and "thermal emittance" (the relative ability of the roof surface to radiate absorbed heat) and guides you through choosing the cool roof that is right for your home.

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Cooper Mountain Wine

The first winery in the Pacific Northwest to produce all of its wines from 100% certified organic and Biodynamic estate grown grapes. "We believe that our winemaking begins in the vineyard. That vines, cared for naturally, will give forth such magnificent fruit that our winemaker's job is easy…We believe organic wine, especially with the farming practices of Biodynamics enhancing the vineyards, are better balanced with nature and our bodies…Biodynamic farming practices enhance the earth and allow the vines to give forth superior fruit that is rich in the unique flavors of our terroir. "

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Because more than 90% of printing and office papers have no recycled content, Conservatree has dedicated themselves to finding and cataloging all the recycled paper products in existence. Their site has extensive lists of products made from recycled or tree-free papers, including writing papers, tissue products, newsprint, gift wrap, wedding invitations, calendars, all-occasion cards, stationery and notecards, school and office supplies, and packaging products. Recycled contents range up to 100% postconsumer fibers. In addition, there is much background information, too, on papermaking, paper recycling, and how to choose paper. This is the site to learn all about the best environmental options for paper.

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Concrobium Mold Control

A 100% natural, nontoxic product that allows you to control mold (in basements, bathrooms, kitchens), prevent mold growth after flooding or water damage, and pretreat building materials to prevent mold growth. Contains no bleach, ammonia, acids or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), works by encapsulating and then physically surrounding the underlying mold, inhibiting its growth. Website has good links to mold control.

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Clean Air Gardening

Entirely devoted to pollution-reducing lawn and garden equipment. The owner started the business after discovering the joy of using a push-reel mower, then added electric mowers, compost bins, rain barrels, garden tools, planters, greenhouses, electric trimmers and blowers, birdfeeders and other miscellaneous "cool gadgets" like a pocket chainsaw and long-necked grass shears so you can trim your lawn without bending over. And, just for fun…Englis prttery garden gnomes.

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