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Mole Hollow Candles

Natural-color solid beeswax votives and tapers. Scented and unscented soy wax candles in jars, tins, and votives. Recycled scrap wax and wood are used to make Log Lighters™ (a fool-proof starter for lighting a wood fire in the campsite, woodstove or fireplace) and QuickFire™ (an outdoor-only "instant campfire that burns several hours, even in a torrential downpour, leaving nothing but a small pile of ash").

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Honeystone Candles

An extensive collection of fine art, handcrafted candles and ornaments for all occasions (including holiday), made from pure Oregan beeswax poured into their own unique molds. These are very aesthetic and finely crafted. Many shapes of nature, such as animals and sea shells.

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Candtec Candle Systems

These 100% natural beeswax candles are truly unique! The candle itself is long and slender and comes in a coil. Before you burn it, you can pull as much as you want through the specially designed holder to make a candle of your desired length and burn time. Coiled candles come in sizes that will burn from 12 to 100 hours, and refill candles are available.

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The Candle Lady

100% beeswax candles in unusual styles–spiral and twisted tapers, solid pillars, and molded candles with beautiful intricate designs. Also bayberry wax tapers (read descriptions carefully as there are also some that are only bayberry scented).

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Candle Bee Farm

I had to give this website the gold star after reading their excellent page on "Beeswax Facts." These are beekeepers making candles from their own wax. "Candle Bee Farm only uses beeswax generated here on the farm and from select domestic sources for candle making…We also utilize solar melt methods that release any possible residuals before filtering and candle pouring begins. Ah, the warm, healing energy of the sun! Solar melting the wax vaporizes impurities leaving a pure, clean product." Solar melting! Choose from tapers, pillars, and many novelties, including animal shapes and holiday.

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Beeswax Candle Works

100% pure beeswax candles made from raw, unbleached & naturally yellow wax with cotton wicks. "The bees wax is made by local honey bees. We do not use imported beeswax." Over 130 different sizes and styles including tapers and pillars, animal and holiday shapes, and three sizes of birthday candles.

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The Beeswax Candle Company

An elegant website, with pictures placing gorgeous 100% filtered beeswax candles in lovely settings. All the candles are hand-poured in a studio located in historic building on the edge of downtown Lynchburg, Virginia. Pillars, tapers, votives, and tealights join unique designs such as double spirals and the “honeylight” tapers–a hollow candle with a fluted edge that makes the candle appear to have a crown of light as it burns.“Our candles are made with 100% pure domestic beeswax and cotton or natural plant fiber wicks. Our beeswax is never bleached, but instead carefully filtered.”

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Bear Creek Candle Company

Hand-dipped tapers and poured votives and tins made with “pure unrefined beeswax.” Hand-rolled honeycomb candles made with pure beeswax honeycomb foundation, manufactured for use in beehives as the base upon which the bees build their honeycombs. Beeswax Aromatherapy Candles are scented only with Aromatherapy Grade Pure Essential Oils, “nature’s own, soft and sweet as a walk through a fragrant garden.” 100% cotton wicks.

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