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Soluna Collective

Handmade clothing for women. “Our promise is to use as many natural materials as possible while also identifying other eco-friendly alternatives. Some of the materials we use include organic cotton, wool, cruelty free silk, linen, corozo, cupro and Tencel. We also promise to be accountable for our materials and will take back any garment in order to keep it out of the landfill!. We only use low-impact and natural (plant-based) dyes. We are devoted to keeping color a part of our world but in an environmentally responsible way. All of our dyes eliminate harmful chemicals from the process, while some of our dyes contain only naturally occurring ingredients. Lastly, many of our dyes are Oeko-Tex and/or GOTS certified.

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Beautiful clothing for women. ‘Hand dyed, made-to-order artisanal clothing and accessories for the discerning customer…sustainable, biodegradable, handmade….All items are made by hand in our Greensboro, North Carolina studio using organic natural fibers and cloth. All dyes used are either natural or low impact synthetic with a focus on low immersion techniques to prevent water waste. All textile off-fall is reconfigured, reused or revitalized creating a closed loop, zero waste system.Megan Ilene studio strives to create beautiful, well-designed, and long-lasting garments incorporating old and new practices to create fresh pieces.By creating items that can be worn a myriad of ways and utilizing materials that are ultimately safe for Earth’s reclamation we hope to change the thought process one utilizes with purchasing goods. Who made your clothes? What are they made of? It is our hope that by producing and consuming mindfully, we can focus on craftsmanship, reduce waste, and create truly impeccable clothing for the discerning customer.”

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Gaia Conceptions

“Handmade Eco Chic Apparel for the Global Nomad” … every piece we offer is custom to you and handmade in North Carolina. Our goals at Gaia Conceptions are to ensure our clothing materials and production methods are rooted in sustainability and our garment designs are beautiful, comfortable, and highly versatile. The first step was to only use certified organic fabrics that are produced either locally (North Carolina, USA) or through fair trade practices abroad. We also made sure our dyes are as eco-friendly as possible often passing on certain colors because they didn’t meet our standards. A mixture of natural dyes and low impact fiber reactive dye color options is currently the most eco-friendly option. We are always experimenting with new techniques and researching new possibilities.” For women (including plus sizes) and children.

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Made-to-order silk clothing for women, with a Japanese sensibility. This artisanal design & craft studio focuses on hand dyed and hand painted textiles. “We produce garments and accessories using time-tested traditional processes with a modern sensibility. Each piece is crafted individually, and often is a one-of-a-kind piece…We dye in a eco conscious way by using safest method of dyeing available to us. We operate on “made-to-order” mode of production so to keep our waste to minimal. Our materials are locally sourced. Our dye workshop is open to those who wants to learn about natural dyeing including indigo dyeing, botanical dyeing and several different traditional Japanese textile coloring processes.” NOTE: No mention is made of the silk being organic.

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Homegrown Cotton

Cotton polo shirts for men, made by eighth generation cotton farmer who “thought there was a way to produce a high quality cotton polo shirt utilizing locally grown cotton. By the farmer producing the cotton and the finished garment there is full trace-ability back to the field from which it was grown. Every step of the production process is done as local as possible to minimize our carbon footprint and to support the many local businesses involved. We use all natural, environmental friendly dyes and our Natural Shirt has no dye or bleach, just raw cotton. The final cutting and sewing of our shirt is done only 40 miles away from the farm on which it was grown. We hope you enjoy your shirt grown and sewn in South Carolina and appreciate your support of our products. Note: cotton is not organic.

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Flowing clothing for women with gorgeous tradition design—apparel, kaftans, kimono, and oversize scarves. I just want to order everything, it’s all so beautiful and easy to wear. “Maelu is an ethical women’s apparel line handmade in India using traditional artisan techniques such as block printing, hand weaving and screen printing. We focus on sustainable textiles made with natural fibers and vegetable dyes. “Wooden blocks are hand carved out of teak wood and then applied with natural dyes before being stamped on cotton or silk. Our natural dyes are made with a variety of materials including jaggery, pomegranate skins, alum and indigo bush. Each color and design in the pattern requires a different block, resulting in an incredibly intricate process. After being stamped the printed fabric is laid out in the village field to dry in the sun and set the color. The fabric is then steamed, washed and ironed to permanently fix the colors.”

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Supah Star Dark Chocolate Superfood Bars

I found this chocolate when I visited a local organic farm-to-table restaurant. It was the only chocolate they sell. And I understand why. It’s made from whole food wildcrafted cacao. DELICIOUS. Handmade with 100% organic ingredients.“Enjoy 6 of the world’s most nutrient dense foods (Goji Berries, Coconut, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Maca Root & Cacao) that support and nourish all the systems in your body…Every ingredient in our chocolate is as close to a whole food as it can be. We do NOT use emulsifiers (thickening agents) or fillers. Lots of bars have tons of other stuff in them to stretch out the Cacao…making the true experience of the Cacao dull and bringing a major focus to the sweetness only. The actual Cacao we use is exquisite… all our ingredients. Read more about the Cacao we use here. The Cacao that we use is WILDCRAFTED…very unique in this day and age of high tech agriculture and farming. We can taste the difference and are very grateful it’s available to US to pass on to YOU. It also has a higher mineral content and nutritional integrity.” Sweetened with coconut sugar. Best chocolate I’ve found yet!

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