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PureGreen 24 Antimicrobial Disinfectant

“A proven natural antimicrobial disinfectant and deodorizer that offers rapid efficacy…kills the deadliest of superbugs, yet also kills everyday household germs….an EPA registered, broad spectrum antimicrobial disinfectant and deodorizer with unique 24 hour residual effectiveness…PureGreen24 has an EPA IV toxicity rating; the lowest rating assigned by the Federal EPA. PureGreen24 is Natural, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and odorless without the fumes or skin irritation associated with traditional disinfectants. PureGreen24 is strong enough to kill the most dangerous viruses (Norovirus) and bacteria (MRSA) in a hospital environment, yet EPA registered for use on children’s toys at home. PureGreen24 is Pet safe too.” Made from water, citric acid and silver ions.

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Bio-Hue Artist Colors

Dye based, watersoluble artists colors that can be used as watercolor paints or ink. An all natural product, free of synthetic preservatives. “Engaged by the promise of artist colors from natural pigments, Judi has been on the alchemical journey ever since. She forages, purchases or grows the materials for the art materials as mindfully and sustainably as possible. The inks and watercolors are made from the fewest ingredients possible allowing the beauty and personality of the source material to come through.” I am enchanted by these colors. This is where art should begin. Look at these colors.

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Very well made and designed canvas waist work apron, made in the USA of 100% cotton with aged copper rivets and leather straps (removable for easy washing). Truly a work apron with several pockets that are perfect for carrying an assortment of tools. “Our premium 12.5 oz selvedge denim is a reproduction of an archived fabric manufactured for Levi’s 501 xx. These are colored using the same indigo dyeing technique that will fade beautifully with wear. ”

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I Sleep Simple

The simplest beds and bedding—mattresses, toppers and pillows—made from “premium natural materials, handmade by apprenticed craftsmen…contains no fillers, additives or questionable chemicals…With 35 years of experience, we’re able to source the quality materials from producers in the U.S. and Indonesia. Our in-house, hands-on craftsmanship means we oversee and care for your product from start to finish. The simplicity of our raw materials and process allows us to be transparent – ask our team any thing about our products and how they’re made.”

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This is the best dental floss I’ve found. Materials are natural and biodegradable and it comes in a refillable glass jar. No plastic here of any kind. There are two types. Flosspot is made from silk worm silk floss with a coating of candelilia wax for a smooth glide between teeth. Flosspot Gold is silk made from corn husks, coated with candelilia wax, and a ginger-mint flavoring. Both are certified by the USDA as biobased products.

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The Date Lady

I love dates as a sweetener. Now you can get all the deep sweetness of certified organic dates in a syrup that is easy to use. Comes in it’s own squeeze bottle. “The organic dates in this delectable syrup were sun dried on palm trees deep in the Coachella desert. The fruit from this arid climate results in a golden brown nectar with notes of rich butterscotch that you might want to eat on… everything.”

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Once Again Nut Butter

A line of nut butters from peanut to hazelnut, some organic, others not. The difficult thing about natural nut butters is they separate. This company has made the first certified organic peanut butter that doesn’t separate.” It’s stabilized, like supermarket peanut butter, but uses organic palm oil instead of unhealthy fats. Like other stabilized peanut butters it contains sugar, but if you want a peanut butter that tastes and spreads like a favorite supermarket brand, but is all organic, this is it. And if you are a fan of that chocolate-hazelnut spread, here’s an organic version (first ingredient organic sugar). These might not be the healthiest nut butters, but if you’re going to eat them, here’s an organic alternative.

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