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Ozark Rope Sandals

“The sandals are made from durable, colorfast polypropylene rope. Water does not hurt them because they are melted together instead of glued. They have excellent traction when wet, and they are machine washable. They last for several years. We guarantee the sandals for a year, and many customers are able to wear theirs for many years. They are lightweight, cool, and they bend easily. The ropes are soft and comfortable on your feet, and the heel-strap holds them on securely.” A full range of sizes and colors for men and women.

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Michigan Sloyd

Wooden spoons and other utensils made in the”Sloyd” tradition. Sloyd is a Scandinavian-based handcraft movement and educational system with woodworking as the traditional focus. Items produced through Sloyd are meant to be practical for everyday use: spoons, bowls, cups, buttons, coat hooks, furniture, etc. The woodworker lives and works on a 6th generation family farm in Harbor Springs, MI. He has spent the last several years learning traditional methods to transform the trees and branches of his local woods into everyday household goods.

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Blue Apron

A service that delivers fresh ingredients and recipes for you to cook yourself at home. What makes Blue Apron different from other similar services is they have relationships with farmers to source the ingredients they send you directly from the farm. Their chefs and farmers work together to send you ingredients and recipes that are seasonal and sustainable. This means better ingredients, better pricing, and less food waste. Read more at Our Vision. Many, but not all, of their ingredients are USDA certified organic. In general, they support farmers who use regenerative farming practices, whether they are certified or not. Read more at Are Your Ingredients Organic?.

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Pure Pitz

Deodorant is made using “only the purest of certified organic and natural ingredients” made in a USDA Certified Organic Lab. It’s “the safe and effective way to neutralize the worst of body odor without harmful chemicals – and it really works!” Contains a proprietary blend of essential oils. No “unscented” available.

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