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A colorful selection of knit fabrics that are hard to find in 100% organic cotton. “We produce all of our fabric within 150 miles of our Asheville, NC headquarters from cotton grown in Texas by the Texas Organic Growers Co-Op. The dyes used are low impact fiber reactive and are maintained in a closed loop system. Textiles are typically bleached and dyed. We avoid bleached fibers by using a citrus scour for our naturals and a peroxide wash derived from apples for our whites. On the subject of color, we use non-radioactive, heavy metal free, fiber-reactive dyes in a closed-loop system, preventing any toxic substances from being released into the external environment and allowing unfixed dye and water to be recycled.”

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A small collection of clothing for women and men made from 100% certified organic cotton n a GOTS certified factory in India. I love this clothing. Very simple classic design, plain colors, high integrity materials. “At Loomstate we work toward a shared vision, believing that whole clothing supply chains from cotton farm to fashion house can support sustainable clothing production.This is clothing that goes beyond fiber and fabric, to include the moral fibers we share and the community fabric that binds us.”

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Natural Clothing Company

Clothing for women and men made from 100% organic and natural cotton, linen, hemp, ramie, bamboo and other natural fibers or natural fiber blends. Each piece has been chosen by a husband-and-wife who are former natural food store owners, now living in a rural area near Seattle. “We want life without poisons for ourselves and you, the soil and animals. We think you want that too.”Read descriptions carefully as some are made from tencel (wood pulp) and garments are made in many different countries.

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Goddess Gear

Clothing for women made from organic and recycled cotton, organically grown linen, hemp, bamboo and tercel (wood pulp). “Our passion is creating flattering, wearable, feminine styles that enhance the women who wear them; all from natural, organic and sustainable materials, cut and sewn in the USA. Goddess Gear is clothing that speaks to the essence of who our customers are; women of character, beauty, and vision.”

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Finn + Emma

Clothing for babies and kids made from 100% G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton, eco-friendly inks and dyes, and lead and nickel free snaps with coconut insert. Also snuggle and dangling toys made from 100% G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton stuffed with sheep’s wool, untreated woods with nontoxic vegetable seed wax finish, and other good materials.

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Sustainable Seed Company

“Good food comes from good seed” is the first thing I saw when I went to this website and they definitely have good seed. “Since 2008, we’ve been offering heirloom seeds, garden seeds, and organic heirloom seeds – non-hybrid vegetable, flower, and herb seeds. We are America’s best source for heirloom vegetable seeds, heritage grains and herb seeds. We wanted to offer heirloom seeds for one reason: they’re not only our history, but our security. You can save the seeds of the vegetables, herbs and grains we offer, and with the proper methods, reliably get the same plants for generations to come. We’re also a CERTIFIED ORGANIC seed farm – setting us apart from many others who only resell seed. With over 1,800 varieties for you to choose from (over 700 of them bulk seed and 600 of them organic seeds), we’re also the web’s premiere source for backyard gardeners and farmers alike.” The only seed company powered with sustainable energy.

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