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Beautiful handcrafted hats for women and men, bags and accessories made from “upcycled bits of leather, silk, hemp, organic cotton, and precious findings, along with a diversity of fine fabrics, leather, and locally sourced materials from their Northern California Fibershed. This exclusive, limited edition handmade collection is a fine balance of craft and art .” These really are works of wearable art.

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Nature’s Fabrics

A great selection of natural fiber and fabrics, including cotton, hemp, wool, and bamboo, many organic. They also carry some synthetics, so choose appropriately. Many weaves and colors and some hard-to-find natural fiber blends, such as heavy cotton/hemp fleece. “We are a small family business living on a farm in NW PA. We strive to bring you the finest fabrics at reasonable prices.” The ordering process is a little awkward. To find description and price, find the fabric you want and click on “add to cart” to get to the description page. Then choose a “cut” and a quantity. So, for example, if you chose 1 yard and quantity 3, they will send you 3 continuous yards.

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Blue Q

Totes and other bags made from 95% recycled polyethylene rice sacks (don’t know the other 5% but it’s nothing that I can smell). These bags are unusually fun and functional. I have a shoulder tote and I love it. The nontoxic material is waterproof so it protects the contents of the bag when it’s raining, the totes are generous in size with a big zipper that is easy to open and close, and straps long enough to carry on my shoulder. I take mine to the farmer’s market every Sunday. Bold colorful designs. NOTE: There are other products on this site. I am only recommending the bags.

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POH Personal Oral Hygiene

Dental floss and toothbrush used by Preventive Dentists. “These are Dentists who have studied the science and art of preventing disease from ever taking hold in the mouth. These Dentists do not want to fill another cavity, or pull another diseased tooth…The science behind our toothbrushes and dental floss was developed by a Medical Doctor, not a Dentist. The products depend on this science…Our toothbrush bristles are very thin with carefully polished tips. This makes the bristles very soft and gentle, compared to other toothbrushes. Since this part of the toothbrush is actually what is useful, we focus our attention there…Our floss is very different, too. Its many thin strands of nylon enable our floss to disrupt and disorganize the bacterial plaque, which is the key to preventing tooth decay and gum disease.” One of my longtime readers recommended this method. She has been using it with success for years. Products are made from nylon.

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Coracao Chocolate

I found these chocolates at my local community food store, who often carries products not found elsewhere. Simple and delicious organic HEIRLOOM chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar. 81% dark heirloom chocolate comes in bars in several flavors, and they also have boxes filled with pieces in flavors you would recognize from a candy store. Great for gifts.

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