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Sweet Grass Dairy

Fine handcrafted cheese made from the milk of “barn free” grassfed cows. Currently their products are not certified organic, but they are about halfway through the multi-year process of having their dairy farms certified organic. Check out their website to see their “cow cam” and learn how they farm.

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No Mouse in the House

“The longest-lasting, highly effective, all natural mouse repellent.” It is a sturdy plastic ball filled with peppermint oil, an all-natural mouse deterrent. Just set it and forget it. All of the oil stays contained in the ball and releases slowly through their exclusive reservoir and wick design. Lasts six months.

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Premium, made in the USA, hemp clothing and accessories for men and women: t-shirts, jeans, board shorts, men’s vests, belts, hats of all kinds and beanies. “Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and what we choose to put against it all day long matters. We believe that the natural fibers are far better than petroleum based synthetic fibers for us to live and play in all day.

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Enchanted Slumber

An all-in-one certified organic sleeper that bundles a warm, whimsically-patterned quilted pad, blanket covering and a lavender-scented buckwheat pillow for roll-and-go carrying. “Children will delight in having a safe, cozy place of their very own that they can easily take with them to school or on trips.” Handcrafted with love in the USA. Custom name labels available.

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Pollen Ranch

Fennel and dill pollens to use as spice. Fennel pollen has long been used by Italian cooks, and more recently it has been popular in California kitchens (where I live). Pollen Ranch is the largest producer of certified organic, wild, pure fennel pollen and the worlds first supplier of dill pollen

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Indoor house shoes for men, women and children, made of handcrafted wool felt by artisans. Also felted insoles. Many nice colors and neutrals. “Kyrgies are born of a tradition that is thousands of years old. Kyrgies are produced in Bishkek, Kyrgystan, where wet felting with sheep wool is both a tradition and a necessity. No other textile withstands heat in the summer and the cold, wet winters as well as wool felt. Because of this, the Kyrgyz people have been felting for centuries, passing this skill on from one generation to the next. The Kyrgyz women who make our Kyrgies use felting techniques that have been developed over thousands of years. They mix their hands in water, wool, and 100% natural soap, not harmful toxic chemicals. By sourcing our felt products in Kyrgyzstan, we are supporting a sustainable cultural legacy.”

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A “culinary tote collection” of bags and wraps designed simply and specifically for carrying food. I love their Grand Tote, which is wide enough to carry a variety of vegetables from the farmer’s market or garden, without piling them on top of each other. “Sewn by women in San Francisco, the Aplat collection of washable, reusable culinary totes is manufactured with empathy, applying a zero-waste origami design using 100% organic cotton.”

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“The first online farmers market where you can order your food directly from your local farmer, have it harvested/prepared on order and receive it the next business day. You save time driving to the farmer’s market and you get better quality food with more character that is much fresher than in the supermarket. And it’s always 100% local.” Great idea. There were no farmers on this service in my zip code.

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