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Chattanooga Butter Co.

Grassfed real cream butter mixed with coconut oil—plain and flavored (honey and cinnamon, roasted garlic, brandy soaked Bordeaux cherry…) “Our cream comes from grass fed cows, making the saturated fats pure and nutrient-rich…We use only extra virgin, refined and filtered coconut oil which is neutral in taste…Since our butters are 100% natural and our fruits & spices are organic, they are free of any industrialized toxins common to processed foods…We source many ingredients for our various spreads from local or neighboring state farms when possible. They are grown and harvested the old fashioned way, from nearby farms, to our kitchen, to your family dinner table!” Unrefined sweeteners.

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The Clean Bedroom

Everything you need to create a toxic-free bedroom all in one place. Organic mattresses and bedding, organic crib mattresses and nursery bedding, and bedroom furniture–nontoxic, chemical-free and hypoallergenic. They provide personalized service to fit the health and comfort needs of each customer. Articles and blog posts provide helpful information for allergy sufferers and patients with multiple chemical sensitivities, and product comparisons assist customers in making the right purchase decisions.

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Marketplace: Handwork of India

Really beautiful, colorful clothing made of cotton and other natural fibers in India. All women’s sizes, including plus sizes. “MarketPlace: Handwork of India is a pioneering nonprofit that empowers women in India to break the cycle of poverty, as they become leaders in their work, their homes, and their neighborhoods, and effect lasting change in their communities. In MarketPlace’s comprehensive and creative organization, economic development is only the first step for these brave and resourceful women. We work with over 400 artisans who are organized into 11 independent co-operatives that produce high-quality women’s apparel and home decor. They learn skills such as sewing and embroidery, and participate in all aspects of running the cooperatives. In addition, programs offer educational and enrichment opportunities designed to help the artisans overcome personal, cultural and financial obstacles. ”

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On the Plus Side

An entire site dedicated to plus sizes for women 1x-8x. “For over 30 years, On The Plus Side has been perfecting the fit and style of our plus size clothing for women. Over 90% of our clothing is made from natural fiber and designed to celebrate your curves.” You’ll need to check fabric content carefully, but I wanted to include this for the plus sizes, which can be difficult to find in natural fibers. While you have to sift through the blends, this Long Sleeve Oversize Shirt in the photo, for example, is 100% cotton and comes in 30 colors sizes 1x-8x. And it’s hand-dyed with eco-friendly dyes. So consider this site to be a treasure hunt.

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Hackwith Design House

“Simple, beautiful clothing made in America.” All women’s sizes (choose HDH Plus from the Shop menu for plus sizes). Descriptions do not tell fabrics, but here’s why: “We source most of our fabrics from a local, family-owned fabric store that specializes in run-off and second-hand fabrics in order to cut down on waste while also supporting our local economy. As a result, we cannot always know the exact fiber content of the fabrics we buy. We strive to provide our customers with quality fabrics that are sourced in a responsible and environmentally-friendly manner. I can tell you however that any of our pieces listed on our website as being made of Cotton Slub, Cotton Gauze, Cotton Denim, or Hemp Silk and Organic Cotton are 100% natural fibers.” If you’re curious about any one particular piece, feel free to contact them and ask about fiber content.

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Simple Closet

Solid wood closet storage systems built of solid wood—no particleboard. Purchase unfinished or with their water based finish. Complete disclosure of materials on their website: “We use pine harvested responsibly from the Pacific Northwest for our solid wood shelves. We use hemlock (Also from the Pacific Northwest) for our uprights. Hemlock is used in our uprights as it is 99% knot free (Uprights are drilled to hold shelves so they need to be mostly knot free). Our shelves will have knots that are filled and sanded smooth. This is what gives Lundia it’s beautiful natural wood appearance. We offer a complete set of actual wood samples that you can purchase for $9.95 that is refundable… We use a water-based lacquer that has NO IARC, NTP or OSHA listed carcinogen ingredients (See section 11-Toxicological Information in our Material Safety Data Sheet. Click here to see this document (Also listed at the bottom of this page). IMPORTANT: If you are still concerned about any hazardous materials, you also have the option to purchase our modular systems Unfinished Sanded Smooth. You do not have to finish our Solid Wood Products. They will last you a lifetime. In fact, most of our commercial installations throughout the US are all Unfinished (Going back over 50 years to the early 1960’s). You also have the option of applying your own finish…We use Titebond wood glue from Franklin International my favorite wood glue. This product has NO hazardous ingredients.”

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Tampon Tribe

An affordable monthly subscription service for organic tampons, pads, and pantyliners. Toxin-free, plastic-free, chemical-free. Made from 100% certified organic cotton that is strictly monitored and regulated in all stages of production (GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard, ICEA: European Eco/Bio Standard). Chlorine bleach and dioxin-free. There are no glues, synthetics, perfumes, bleaches or dyes used. Customize your box to get the right mix of pads, tampons, and pantyliners for your body.

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Bedworks of Maine

Beds, bedroom, and convertible futon sofa frames made in Maine. “Classic lines, solid construction and gorgeous finishes are the hallmarks of the furniture we make at The BedWorks of Maine. All of our bedroom pieces and bed frames, both traditional and platform bed, as well as our futon frames are crafted out of North American ash, a sustainable and renewable hardwood.” Can be ordered unfinished.

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Havelock Wool

“Farm to walls” building insulation made from sheep’s wool. Made of 100% wool (with a small amount of natural boric acid added as an insect repellant). Their wool is sourced in New Zealand where sheep roam pastoral lands and eat grass in serene settings. It is blended and washed there before being shipped to their manufacturing facility in Nevada where they make both loose-fill and batt form insulation.

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