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Whistle Creek

“Whistle Creek is the nation’s largest manufacturer of rustic walking and hiking sticks. They’re warm, full of character and 100% US Made. You’ll be proud to own one – and we GUARANTEE you’ll get at least one compliment a month, or we’ll buy it back!” Accessories include compass, whistle, bear bell, leather straps, tree seeds, and more.

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 Designed by the Mayo Clinic, this tool gives your body constant motion while you are simply standing. It increases energy expenditure, raises heart rate, and increases range of motion. Perfect for standing desks, washing dishes, watching TV, anytime you are standing, or can stand instead of sit. We’ve gone the extra mile to use eco-conscious materials in our fabrication process. The Original’s top deck is made of bamboo, one of the world’s most abundant and renewable resources; our finish is GREEN GUARD certified to meet rigorous standards for low emissions; our sand-cast bases are produced by hand in zero-water process in a solar-powered facility. We’ve also chosen to finish our bases via powder-coating, as it has almost zero emissions compared to painting and anodizing. It’s all part of our bigger mission to be responsible borrowers from Mother Earth, for team members and customers alike.

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Monkii Bars

These clever bars let you”take the gym anywhere.” Designed for people “who want awesome workouts without being stuck in a regular gym,” these bars are made for total-body workouts while traveling, at home, or even outside. Made from aerospace-grade aluminum and abrasion resistant nylon, with a 2-layer ultra durable weather-resistant powder coat. Handcrafted in the USA.

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Simple, colorful kitchen linens, “big + handy, elegant + everyday, fresh + modern.” Aprons, towels, napkins. “Our linen is the finest medium-weight linen available, and is naturally sustainable and luxurious. We test for absorbency and sturdiness, and these aprons and towels work beautifully. They remain strong and actually get softer with lots of use. Each tea towel is handprinted one-by-one, using ecologically friendly water-based inks.”

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Soft Star Shoes

Handmade shoes for infants, kids and adults since 1984. And because each pair is handmade, you can customize your shoes with choices of colors. “We make minimal shoes for happy, healthy feet! Every one of our shoes is handcrafted at our Oregon, USA workshop… We are careful to source non-toxic materials for our shoes, including leather colored with food-grade dye and non-toxic adhesives… we use only leathers which meet high safety standards both for our customers, and for the environment. As our little ones like to occasionally chew on their shoes, it is important to us they are as chemical-free as possible. Many shoes today (99.9%) are imported from countries using formaldehyde tanning methods. Not only is this chemical a potential irritant to your skin and absorbable transdermally, but it poisons ground water downstream from tanneries, and causes well-documented health issues with tannery employees. Almost all or our leather is sourced from USA tanneries to ensure that strict regulations are adhered to. When the leather is not available from USA tanneries, it is sometimes sourced from approved tanneries in Italy, Brazil, South Korea or Germany which meet labor and environmental standards set by our supplier. We are proud to also offer Ecopell vegetable tanned leather from Germany, which we import due to their extremely high standards for quality and sustainable practices, arguably the best in the world.” Soles are made out of natural rubber, durable suede, or a tough leather. Their shop is run from 100% solar or wind energy.

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One-of-a-kind shoes, handcrafted using all natural materials: Jute fibers, 100% cotton fabrics, and handmade natural cotton cording. “Oralba’s Shoes products are entirely hand made with bio-friendly, recyclable materials, featuring comfort and unique classic designs and styles that never go out of style. The simplicity and versatility of our shoes make them unique in the market. The designer hand selects the most exquisite fabrics to use as uppers of the shoes to create unique handmade footwear. Each pair is hand-crafted and features a classic style that is easy to match with varying fashions.”

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Cacao tea. “Cacao tea is produced from the shell, or husk, of the cacao bean, which is often discarded in the process of making chocolate. During this process, cacao beans are harvested, fermented, and dried. The shells are then removed from the beans, leaving the remaining nibs to continue forward in the process. Although only a byproduct of chocolate making, the shells are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and serve as the foundation for MiCacao.”

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Hunker Bag Co.

Handmade bags designed from locally and ethically sourced, high quality, Horween leather, TexWax waxed canvas and all brass hardware. Men’s travel bags, briefcases, clutches, everyday bags, totes, messenger bags, wallets, weekend bags and backpacks for both men and women. “Hunker Bag Co. bags are made in small batches and are luxurious, functional, unique and trendy. In addition, they are designed to last a lifetime and to grow in character and meaning for their owner over the years. Ever-stylish, when you purchase a Hunker Bag Co. product, you can be assured of a bag that will be able to withstand the rigors of daily use.”

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Select from 600 varieties of heirloom tomatoes. I used to grow heirloom tomatoes when I lived in California and they are amazing. ” the best tasting, heirloom tomato seeds from around the world. We’ve collected what are considered to be the most valued heirloom tomato seeds from many different regions and family farms, to grow and harvest these tomato seeds to share them with you. All TomatoFest heirloom tomato seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC by CCOF”

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