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Rising Springs

Spring water delivered to your door. “Tested pure to parts per quadrillion (a million billions!). Zero contaminants of any kind…The only natural source water in the US packaged as a natural mineral supplement – whole, live and mineral-rich…Rising from 2.2 miles deep under its own tremendous and constant pressure.”

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Sun Organic Farm

This is your basic bulk organic foods–grains, beans, dried fruits, coffee, nuts. All ingredients, not packaged food products. But what a selection! You’ll find things here you won’t find at your natural food store. Many varieties of beans and dried fruits, and “a grand selection of high quality certified organic herbs, spices and seasonings”–99% of everything on this site is certified organically grown.

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Dharma Trading Company

This is one of my local California stores that has been around a long time—1969! They are basically a fiber art supply store, so there are a lot of things you may not be interested in, but I’m listing them here because fiber arts are about putting art on fabric and clothing, and they carry a good selection of natural fiber fabrics, clothing and other dyeables that can be used “undyed.” They have many types of cotton fabrics, including some organic and even 100% cotton for making sweat clothes, hemp and hemp blends, linen and linen blends, and many silk fabrics. Also extra wide natural fiber fabrics undyed for curtains or bedlinens. Clothing for babies, kids, women and men include such things as undyed cotton tank dress for only $16 and cotton sweat pants and sweat shirts for under $20. Clothing is not organic, but no dye and all sewn with cotton thread. Plus bags, wallets, totes. Yarns, lace, ribbons. Almost anything and everything. And they sell all kinds of dyes and markers (not all nontoxic) to make your own creations.

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Organic Weave

“The World’s Only Certified Organic Rug Company.” Artisan-made wall-to-wall ”broadloom” and area rugs made from certified organic cotton, silk and wool with chemical-free plant-based dyes in a certified organic facility. Also children’s rugs and custom designs. “No odor/offgassing…Organic Weave aims for transparency in everything that we do.” Understands MCS needs. USE coupon code DEBRA5 for a 5% discount.

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A full range of fabrics made from hemp, plus fabrics made from hemp blended with other natural and organic fibers, including fabrics for clothing and upholstery. Many have no dye. Also hemp yarn, twine, and rope. Basic hemp clothing: t-shirt, hoodie, socks. Towels and tote bags. Samples of fabrics available.

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Love A Bee

I found this honey at a local farmer’s market and couldn’t resist flavors with names like Bodega Bay Blackberry, Tulare Twist and Wild Mynt. I’ve eaten enough honey to know that every honey has it’s own distinct flavor depending on where the bees are feeding, but these flavors were bold and lively. They literally jumped off the spoon. These honey makers work directly with the beekeepers to develop these concentrated flavors. I bought four jars. “At Love A Bee, our honeys are all varietals that we source from some of the most unique places. For each varietal, we develop a taste profile so when you buy a jar of our honey, you know its color and flavour characteristics (all 100% natural and unadulterated) in advance, and you also know how it links back to its point of origin. We like to think we’re successful at what we do, and our recent (2017) National Heirloom Award proves it.”

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